Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Most Beautiful Place

When my son was in third grade, he was assigned a country project on Slovenia. I helped him with it and we learned about Lake Bled, which looked like a beautiful place. When we were traveling through Europe this summer, we got to stop at Lake Bled and it is even more beautiful in person. Our entire family agrees that this may be the most beautiful place we have ever been. Here are a few scrapbook pages that I have made about this beautiful place.

This page shows the 1000 year old castle looming over the lake and a few photos taken at the castle.

This beautiful church on an island is the view from the castle on this companion page which uses this sketch from Stuck?!

This next page shows the castle lit up in the evening. It is my entry to this challenge from Creative Embellishments, I was inspired by the large heart in their photo and the chipboard smile is from CE.

In case you are not ready to pack your bags, let me also tell you that the lake is clean and warm enough for swimming and you can borrow a rowboat and row to the island. The church is beautiful inside too.